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VNA Pallet Racking solution for the music retailer Gear4music

The logistics centre of the sixth and latest European facilities of Gear4music, a leading online retailer in the sale of musical instruments and accessories from the United Kingdom, has been designed and equipped with an AR Racking storage solution with a capacity for 60,000 items.

With a continuous multichannel approach, the U.K.’s largest musical instruments retailer has been selling its range of items across Europe since 2012 and in 190 countries since 2017. Since its foundation in 2003, the company has increased its turnover tenfold to around 185 million euros last year. To serve growing markets in Europe and maintain a local presence, the company is represented by six subsidiaries and distribution centres in Europe. The latest centre opened just recently in Barcelona, where AR Racking has played a defining role in designing, manufacturing and installing the ideal storage system for optimisation of the new warehouse.

"The sales director Jörg Buschmann and his AR Racking team were able to tackle all the logistics challenges that our new warehouse posed, despite our tight schedule, with the promise of a short turnaround and competitive prices", said Jan Imig, Gear4Music Germany and Spain Managing Director, explaining the contract award. "The initial preliminary planning and concept of fully equipping the facilities with proven and certified components from AR Racking’s product portfolio were convincing".


In the two months following the contract award, AR Racking implemented its adapted storage solution precisely to the shipping warehouse requirements of Gear4music, including the picking and packaging areas. To achieve optimum use of the space and high availability, AR Racking designed and installed a solution with very narrow aisle (VNA) racking. A total of 3,600 pallet positions have been created on 15 racking aisles.

The galvanised frames are up to 9.5 metres high and have 16 levels. The beams are designed for pallets of up to 250 kg each. Some of the levels have been designed for picking solutions, generating 1,800 positions and are equipped with mesh racks. The U and L-shaped frame protectors provide protection for maximum safety and to avoid damage to the support frames. The aisle width is 1.75 metres, generating a higher storage capacity with the same space compared to the adjustable pallet racking system.

For shipping, the items are transferred to the picking and packaging area. Depending on the order specifications, this is where the items are consolidated, packaged and goods are prepared for shipment, if necessary. "AR Racking’s team did a great job in every phase of the project", commented Imig, director of Gear4Music. "Constructive communication process and fast direct contacts, including in the follow-up. Changes to and deviations from the original plans were agreed based on AR Racking’s experience and were quickly applied. The team fulfilled our high expectations and has strengthened the effectiveness of our dispatch centre in Barcelona. Finally, and with everything going smoothly, the facilities were up and running as scheduled by mid-September. We were and we are very satisfied with all of AR Racking’s services".


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