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AS/RS for Cases

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) for cases or cartons are solutions that use stacker cranes to handle light and small loads. Automated warehouse systems for light loads or cartons are characterised by providing the warehouse with a product-man system in which the operator does not have to move around.
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Our AS/RS for Cases

Mini-load System (AS/RS for cases)

Mini-load System (AS/RS for cases)

The automated Mini-load System is the optimal solution for the storage of small and light unit loads with a high turnover of SKUs.

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Advantages of AS/RS for Cases

Another of the main advantages of automated warehouse systems for cartons is the increase in productivity and efficiency due to the total automation of inflows and outflows, resulting in major cost savings.

AR Racking is able to design and deliver structures ready to operate with 2 or 3 stacker cranes at height on the same aisle.

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AS/RS for Pallets

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems AS/RS for pallets are solutions that use stacker cranes or other automated mechanisms to handle...

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