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Live Pallet Racking (FIFO)
Live Pallet Racking (FIFO)
Live Pallet Racking (FIFO)
Live Pallet Racking (FIFO)
Live Pallet Racking (FIFO)
Live Pallet Racking (FIFO)

Live Pallet Racking (FIFO)

Live Pallet Racking system (AR Live Storage FIFO) is ideal for warehouses where stock turnover control and space saving are critical.


It consists of a compact structure where each level has linear roller beds that allow the load units to slide easily thanks to a slight inclination.

Live Storage Pallet Racking (FIFO) live pallet racking is a high-density storage system perfect for storing homogeneous pallets.


This system uses the FIFO (first in, first out) method, where the loading area is at the opposite end of the unloading area and the goods are transported through this space thanks to the roller beds that form a rail with an incline.

As a complement to Live Pallet Racking FIFO there is also Push-Back Racking LIFO which uses the LIFO system (last in, first out) and therefore has a single loading and unloading point; goods are stored by pushing the previous ones towards the back.

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Palletised or heavy loads
Compact system
Compact system
FIFOstock management
5 years
5 yearswarranty
Live Pallet Racking FIFO - AR Live Storage

The Live Pallet Racking or FIFO dynamic pallet racking system is a compact structure with a slight incline and roller conveyors that allow palletised products to slide freely.

Loaded pallets enter the structure on one end and move securely along the roller conveyors at a controlled speed, moved only by the force of gravity, until they reach the other end, ready for removal.

The movement of the load units in the live pallet racking systems AR Live Storage (PAL) is absolutely secure since the structure is equipped with a series of technical and organisational measures for control and protection.

It operates by the palletised loads entering the structure at the higher level of the two ends.

The unit load moves by the force of gravity of the roller conveyors, but at a safe and controlled speed with the help of the live pallet racking braking and safety systems.

When the pallet reaches the opposite end, it stops thanks to the retainer or the last pallet deposited and it is then ready to be removed.

In order for the loading, unloading and movement of the unit loads in the live pallet racking system to be carried out in complete safety, the structure is provided with a series of technical and organisational control and protection measures.

Other design options

Live pallet racking systems can vary from their original design according to each customer’s specific storage needs.

Push-Back Management (LIFO)

A Push back system based on LIFO warehouse management (Last In, First Out) can also be installed.

The main difference is that only one aisle is used for work as loading and unloading take place in the same area.

Folding Rollers

The folding roller system allows roller conveyors to be moved and raised for cleaning and maintenance, and to access the warehouse floor.

All this while maintaining the same technical characteristics and system operation.

Split Rollers

Split rollers can be installed in the loading and unloading areas of live pallet racking systems to simplify the work of forklift and pallet trucks.

They also prevent roller damage.

Floor Level Pick-Up

Sometimes warehouses with dynamic racking systems need the load units to be picked up at ground level. To simplify this operation, a special pallet output area can be added.


Advantages of the Live Pallet Racking system:

The advantages of Live Pallet Racking FIFO are their compaction, time savings and good stock management.

  • Reduced loading and unloading times.
  • Increased storage capacity in a warehouse with adjustable pallet racking.
  • Enabling of loading and unloading aisles reduces risks for the operator.
  • Live pallet racking system can be automated.
  • Optimal use of space. High-density storage system, so more storage capacity in the same space
  • Ideal product rotation: Perfect for FIFO systems (first-in, first-out).
  • Fast, simple removal. Ideal positioning of the products reduces load manoeuvre and extraction times.
  • No traffic interference. The forklift trucks insert and remove load units in different aisles since the loading and unloading aisles are separate.
  • Adaptable to any space, and to any weight or size of the merchandise to be stored.
  • Extremely safe. The Live pallet racking structure is fitted with a control and braking system to minimise any risks: brake rollers, pallet centring or retainer system, and pallet stops.
  • Improved stock control since each loading aisle has a single product reference.
  • Dynamic pallet system is compatible with other automatic and conventional storage systems.
  • Allows you to continue to use the same type of forklift trucks used in adjustable pallet racking warehouses.
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to excellent use of space.
Main applications for Live Pallet Racking FIFO

Live Pallet Racking systems significantly optimise the space available in the warehouse, but live pallet racking FIFO in particular, due to its stock management method, is especially recommended in the following circumstances:

  • Storage of goods with an expiration or best-before date, due to its excellent stock management. The first products to enter will be the first to leave the warehouse.
  • Warehouses for companies in the Food, Medicines, Cosmetics sector or sectors whose products become obsolete or “go out of style” very quickly.
  • Storage in intermediate or transition zones between several areas within the same warehouse, to facilitate the fast movement of the unit loads.
  • Storage in order, waiting or dispatch areas in the warehouse; live pallet racking FIFO facilitates the flow of goods.
  • Possibility of installation in warehouses with cold rooms or freezing chambers.
System structure of the Live Pallet Racking
System structure of the Live Pallet Racking

The Live Pallet Racking system has a basic structure of frames, uprights and dynamic profiles, similar to other storage systems in the AR Racking range.

Its most common applications are for the storage of perishable products that require perfect turnover and waiting and intermediate warehouses.

AR LIVE STORAGE (PAL) live pallet racking systems have a base structure made up of frames, beams and dynamic profiles, similar to the rest of the storage systems in the AR Racking range.

Together with the basic structure, this dynamic racking system also includes a large variety of specific elements for safe, controlled displacement of the load units.

The main components that make up this live pallet racking system are:

Galvanised frame

The galvanised frame is one of the basic components of the structure and consists of 2 uprights, their diagonals, baseplates and floor fixing elements.

The frames will be anchored to the floor for greater rigidity of the structure.


Beams are the horizontal elements that support the load (in the case of live pallet racking FIFO indirectly) and that join the frames together.

In live pallet racking, the beams support the roller beds on which the unit loads will move.

Beams have connectors that fit into the drill holes of the upright and make the system more secure.

With a wide range of types, lengths and load capacities we adapt to the specific needs of each warehouse.

Live pallet racking protectors

These can be side or upright reinforcement protectors and are passive safety elements that protect the live pallet racking from potential damage from forklift impacts.


Component anchored to the beams of each of the level ends and on which the rollers that move the racking are supported.

Pallet guidance

It is situated at the front of the roller bed and helps operators when depositing the unit loads, preventing them from veering from their correct course. These elements also protect the structure against potential impacts.


Essential element in live pallet racking FIFO, designed in steel and anchored to the rails along the entire level to facilitate movement by gravity.

Brake rollers

Safety element repeatedly placed along the roller bed, and whose objective is to control the speed of the unit load as it moves from one end of the rack to the other.

Pallet backstops

Component located at the end of the roller aisle and whose objective is to stop the pallet; it means the pallet can move no further and is ready for removal.

Pallet retainer

Optional component whose function is to separate the unit loads compacted at the end of the aisle and distribute the pressure among all of them.

Live pallet racking FIFO systems comply with the strictest European safety standards, and also come with AR Racking’s quality guarantee.

100% automated production

The production process of the basic components of our live pallet racking is fully automated in our factory: it incorporates state-of-the-art profiling machines with a continuous cutting process and laser measurement control, welding centres and automated painting and packaging processes, which guarantee the highest quality parameters.

Designs in R&D&I Centre

Our live pallet racking systems are designed and calculated in our R&D&I technology centre where we have an expert team which allows us to tackle projects with the most complex logistics requirements.

Tests at Research and Testing Laboratory

The Research and Testing Laboratory developed in collaboration with the University of Mondragón provides our product area with the appropriate tools for the testing and analysis of our racking systems.

It simulates, calculates and researches the efficacy of the geometries, and makes full structural calculations on the behaviour of systems already installed.

5-year quality guarantee

The quality reliability of our live pallet racking solutions means we are able to offer 5-year guarantees of excellence against all types of manufacturing or hidden defects in the components of the main structure of our racking solutions.

Innovative component traceability system

The uprights and beams of our pallet racking systems include an innovative traceability system in the sector.

Thanks to this system, our storage system components have an identifying mark, which means that each upright and beam can be traced and documented from origin, and that information is therefore available on which component it is, its design and the raw material used in its manufacture.

Quality certificates of the Live Pallet Racking system:
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • ISO 18001: 2004
  • OSHAS 18001: 2007
  • Welding certificate: UNE EN ISO 3834-2: 2006
  • Galvanized steel corrosion resistance certificate: UNE EN ISO 14713-1
  • Galvanized steel reaction to fire: EN 13501-1: 2007

Our projects and customers are our best ambassadors. Therefore as a result of the more than 26,000 projects carried out in over 60 countries, we have satisfied customers from various sectors: food and beverage, automotive, distribution, electronics, pharmacy and cosmetics, industrial and transport and logistics.

Some featured projects of Live Pallet Racking FIFO: