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Logistics Real Estate in the face of the rise of Online Sales

The Logistics Real Estate sector has experienced a sharp rise in the years following the crisis and especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which has been a challenge in terms...

How to Store Industrial Chemicals safely: Types, risks and tips

Chemical companies face the challenge of keeping their products in perfect condition with optimum safety throughout the supply chain, including the storage phase. In this publication we will...

Tyre Racking Systems: Characteristics, conditions and storage

Due to their specific characteristics, tyres are one of the most common and complex products to store, so especially adapted racking systems are designed for them. Tyres are the basic element...

Just in Time inventory system in a warehouse: What it is and when it is used

The Just in Time (JIT) inventory method is a methodology originally created to organise production whose objective is to have only the necessary amount of product, at the right time and place,...

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