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We have installed defibrillators in our head office and production center!

This week we have installed in our central offices and in our production facility a SAED (Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator) and our staff have received training in Basic Life Support and Use of the SAED from the company Medilate - life solutions.

With this course, AR Racking aims to train our staff in basic techniques to help anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest, and to teach them how to use the semi-automatic defibrillators installed in our facilities.

Semi-automatic external defibrillators are a very effective solution for most cardiac arrests, due in most cases to atrial fibrillation: if someone’s heart rate is not right, this equipment corrects it by means of a simple technique to apply after basic training.

According to the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) thanks to SAED the total number of sudden deaths could be reduced by 30%. In Spain alone, there are 30,000 sudden deaths per year, so we could save 7,500 lives with appropriate use of defibrillators.

AR Racking applies values such as safety, quality and innovation beyond its industrial storage systems, bringing them to the day-to-day of all the company’s staff.


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