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AR Racking builds three new cold storages in Galicia

AR Racking, specialist in industrial storage solutions, has built three new cold storages in Galicia: Congelados Sariego in Lugo; Mare Azzurro and V y S in La Coruña, being all of them frozen fish distributors.

hese are customized solutions confirming AR’s specialization in the field of cold storages and its capacity to provide solutions to the competitive challenges faced in this industry, where storage logistics is an essential part of the business process.

In Congelados Sariego, AR Racking has installed a storage system for mobile base pallets with a capacity for 3,240 pallets. The same storage system has been also implemented in the freezing chamber of V y S Elaboración de Productos del Mar to store 556 pallets. In the case of Mare Azzurro, a Drive In type compact storage system has been designed for its two cold storages, with a total capacity of 1,668 pallets.

In order to undertake these installation, AR’s team has established a close collaboration with the client and a comprehensive service capable of addressing all the phases of the project until its commissioning. AR Racking’s delegation in Galicia has directed projects offering a very close technical support and its knowledge on the reality of local businesses and the requirements of the industry.

Congelados Sariego

The storage with the largest capacity is the one installed in the logistics center of Congelados Sariego in Rábade, Lugo. This is a frozen products distribution company with more than 25 years of experience and imports fish from all over the world. Transformation, packaging, storage and distribution to Spain and Europe are realized in its facilities with a high volume of available cold -23,000 cubic meters- and a service of storage and transportation which makes it the leader in the cold logistics.

The facility designed by AR Racking for this logistics center is a freezing chamber with 16 mobile bases. In this semi-automated system the rack is mounted on guided chassis through tracks on the floor, allowing operation with a single hallway, taking maximum advantage of the space.

The facility includes 8 pieces of 19.600 mm long bases and another 8 pieces of 22,320 mm bases, with 4 fixed simple racks: 2 pieces of 19,540 mm long and 2 pieces of 22,300 mm long. The assembly has 4 height levels, the last one being 6350 mm high. The total storage capacity is 3,240 pallets of 800 x 1200 x 1850 mm, each with a weight up to 1000 kg.

V y S Elaboración de Productos del Mar

In the plants of V y S Elaboración de Productos del Mar in La Coruña, AR Racking has also installed a mobile based storage system in the freezing chamber. The cold storage includes 5 pieces of 23.260 mm long bases and a 26,850 mm long simple fixed rack. It has two height levels and a total height of 2,450 mm. In this case the rack’s base is elevated to enable pallet truck operation. The solution has a capacity for 556 pallets, each with dimensions of 800 x 1200 x 2200 mm and a weight of 1000 kg.

Mare Azzurro

For Mare Azzurro, AR has designed a Drive In compact storage system, which has been installed in two freezing chambers of the company’s logistic center, located in Cambre, La Coruña. This compact storage system minimizes working hallways and takes advantage of the available space at maximum, allowing a high density of storage reference.

Mare Azzurro’s cold storages are 5,600 mm high in 4 levels. They have a capacity for 868 and 800 pallets respectively, each pallet having a weight of 1,000 kgs and dimensions of 1200 x 800 x 1700 mm.

Solutions installed by AR Racking allow these companies to increase their cold storage capacity, as well as to optimize the logistics process and to improve customer service. As pointed out by Ricardo García Moscoso, AR Sales Representative in Galicia: “Our specialization in this industry in Galicia comes together with unique solutions with a highly technological component and a large experience of successful projects.” Therefore, being a global company working in a local way is a key point”.

AR Racking is part of the Arania Group, an industrial group with a multi-sectoral activity which has revolved around steel processing with more than 75 years of experience and an export rate of 80%.


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