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Research and innovation are an intrinsic part of the AR Racking

Research and innovation are an intrinsic part of the AR Racking philosophy, and they have a technological center dedicated exclusively to R&D. The technical area has a space for developing advanced engineering projects, and conducts continuous tests aimed at optimizing the performance of their products.

Our highly qualified technical team continuously evaluates and analyzes products and materials to optimize their performance; it simulates, calculates, and researches (with advanced specialized software) the efficiency of the geometries, and carries out complete structural calculations regarding the performance of systems already installed under different situations.

AR Lab
Research and Testing Laboratory

In addition, since 2019 we have a Research and Testing Laboratory, AR Lab, thanks to the collaboration with the University of Mondragón. This avant-garde test bench integrates various test areas for uprights, connectors, freams, beams and other components, with a maximum capacity of 80 tn. AR Lab is a permanent laboratory where we develop basic and applied research programs, doctoral theses and specialized training.




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