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#MeetOurDistributors: Rudells


RUDELLS, at a glance:

We started in 2003 so next year its 20 years. We offer our services in Sweden, Nordic Countries.  

Our main office is in Kungälv. Rudells is a family business: 7 owners, all family. We are a total of 17 employees.


What is RUDELLS’s range of products and services?

Industrial racking, shelvings, cantilever racks, basically everything inside a warehouse.

We buy and sell used racking and new racking.

We provide assembling of all products above.


In terms of storage and industrial racking, what distinguishes RUDELLS from its competitors?

We care about our customers; we try to bring the best possible services that is possible.


How was the partnership with AR Racking established? How long have you been associated with AR Racking?

Jimmy Andersson from AR who was the area manager at that time contacted us and asked for a meeting.

We liked what he presented to us, so it was not hard to say yes to become a partner to AR.

Since 2019.

What does it mean for RUDELLS to be a strategic distributor of AR Racking?

It means a lot to us to have a strong business partner.

It has made us a stronger name on the Swedish market.


Why be a distributor of AR Racking and not of other manufacturers?

We find that AR is a really high-quality brand and is very flexible.


What are the future challenges for RUDELLS as a company?

To get the brand out to new customers.

We have recently incorporated AR to our webshop so that our customers can buy racking online from us.


What kind of storage need are the companies currently demanding in Sweden?

We mostly build regular pallet racking but recently we have built a lot of shelving and cantilever racks.

“We have recently incorporated AR to our web shop so that our customers can buy racking online from us”


Which sectors are demanding new warehousing solutions or the renewal of their intralogistics in Sweden?

We have a wide range of customers from different sectors that are all renewing their warehouse solutions.

From the fishing industries to automotive.


Recent industrial storage projects?

-  Svenska Batterilagret (Gothenburg): A customer that stores batteries, they needed a really heavy duty racking. Pallet weight up to 1750kg.

-  Nelly (Borås): Here we installed regular racking an a custom made picking solution made by us and AR.

-  Tenneco (Gothenburg): We demolished the old outdated FIFO and replaced it with regular pallet racking that suited the customer. All this work was made in 4 days.


Erik Rudell (Owner) & Anders Rudell (Owner)