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Bart Pulles AR Racking’s new Key Account Manager for Germany

AR Racking, a provider of industrial storage solutions at international level with a commercial presence extended to over 60 countries and based in Bizkaia (Spain), is giving a strong boost to its strategy in the German market.

AR has appointed Bart Pulles as Key Account Manager in Germany. Pulles has a great knowledge of the increasingly demanding German market and a long career leading projects in firms of the sector and in inventory optimization companies.

AR Racking is committed to the German market, a market that until now has been covered thanks to an extensive network of distributors and representatives. The increase in the volume of business and the growth of AR Racking’s presence of Germany have prompted the opening of an office in the Nordheim Westfalen area, where Bart Pulles –hand in hand with AR’s commercial team- will develop storage projects aimed at the end customer. The AR Racking team in Germany will work closely with the client to provide optimal storage solutions and to move towards greater competitiveness by responding effectively to the specific needs of the facilities of German companies.

AR Racking has recently taken part in the Logimat international event in Stuttgart where its team displayed the most innovative storage solutions, adaptable to each type of company with a high technological development resulting from its own R&D+i.